Dr. Brent Bozeman

Dr. Brent Bozeman
Trained Psychotherapist

Hi, I’m Dr. Brent Bozeman, a trained psychotherapist, and I work with Dr. Ball and his staff to help people overcome various issues and become who they were meant to be with the help of ketamine.

What I do specifically is called KAP, or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. The latest research suggests that ketamine is one of the fastest and most effective ways to treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction, among other things.

Positive changes can even occur without counseling or guidance. But the research has also shown that the benefits of ketamine can be greatly enhanced with someone to guide the individual to new ways of seeing themselves, others, and life in general.

Therapy, along with ketamine treatments, is focused, intentional, purposeful, so that each person can discover a new life and a new happiness that is not accidental, but planned. I believe it is vital and beneficial if you participate in your own growth and health. Thats where I come in to help.

Amazing research is demonstrating another huge benefit of ketamine – that it can make the brain more “neuroplastic,” meaning the brain itself can be shaped and changed for the better. Old thinking patterns can be altered and new, healthier, thought processes developed as a result of treatment.

I will personally prepare you for each session, help you develop your individual goals/intentions, sit in session with you for support (if you choose), and then help you sort through what you may have seen or learned while in the ketamine experience. I will help you discover new insights and how to apply these insights to your future life.

If you’re ready to start a new and happier way of life, consider taking full advantage of what ketamine can do for you by adding the psychotherapy component to the experience.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the process. The initial consultation is free.